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Drishtikone Media is a team of young creative thinkers and story tellers,

Shefali Singh – Founder

About DMS

Drishtikone Media is a team of young creative thinkers and story tellers, who believe in giving imagination a platform of Drishtikone.

A good storyteller can effortlessly make you believe in his story. And that is what marketing is all about. It is nothing but the art of expressing your thoughts in a manner to convince the viewer.

Our philosophy is to deliver high quality media solutions to our clients through a team of experienced professionals. All of our consultants have specific industry experience gained ‘on the ground’. Thus we have the right levels of experience and right kind of expertise to suit client needs.

Drishtikone Media Services was founded by Shefali Pathak Singh in the year 2012. Since its inception the company has been growing steadily and have delivered quality media solutions to its clients.

The motto of the company is to think beyond the expectations and deliver the best.

Our Works


Corporate films are the face of the brand in the digitals times. It engages the viewers with the story and builds trust at the same time.

Making an unforgettable first impression can be achieved with a good video. That is the power of a corporate video. Moreover, when there is a lot to say and not enough time to say it, a video is the only solution that works.

With corporate film production taking up a stronger position as an effective communication medium in the present times compared to the more traditional forms of presentation, we at Drishtikone Media Services, tailor-make high quality, content-rich films with style and passion. With the aim being, not just delivering the content but developing a style of delivery that is consistent with the brand image and changing Drishtikones.

Corporate film can be defined as an audio video documentation of your establishment and achievements.

Every progressive entrepreneur can vouch on the fact that presentation and marketing are the pillars of any business. Marketing has evolved over the years from written broachers to digital medium. It has been proved over the years that Visual images gauge the attention faster and for also longer period of time.

Therefore the most effective and smarter way to tell your story is through a corporate film. We at Drishtikone believe that a good corporate film is the one which touches the heart and connects emotionally.

Why Drishtikone Media Services

  • The meaning of word “Drishtikone” is one’s own perspective. We at Drishtikone Media help you present your own perspective to the World in the most effective and impressive way.
  • We are storytellers and we believe that a good corporate film is a story well told. Our each creation touches the viewer’s heart because we bring in soul to our each creation.
  • We work up to the client’s satisfaction and thrive to achieve the best in the industry.
  • We believe in continuous learning and keep updating our skills with time. Our young and passionate team aspires to be recognised not only nationally but internationally too.
  • Media consumption across the globe is increasingly happening in digital formats. The increase in the number of devices capable of supporting digital media along with increasing internet access speed, has provided consumers with an option to access the media content of his choice be it information, entertainment or social activity anytime, anywhere.
  • There are some experiences the next generation may never enjoy like folding down the corner of a page in a book or leafing through the classifieds section of a newspaper, etc, etc…but what the next generation will have is a richer media experience than any other. They'll consume more media, from more sources, and in a greater range of formats than we imagined — news websites, live-streaming video, on-demand TV, podcasts, mobile apps, e-books, news aggregators, video- sharing services, audio-books, movie-streaming services, blogs, social networks, music subscriptions and a litany of formats yet to be invented.
  • Whatever the scenario, Drishtikone Media Services with its forward-looking offerings will be there to deliver.

Our Vision

  • Evolution of the idiot box into a device of sensible and relatable content has been long due. Not that there isn’t any sensible content on it, but the revolution in prime time television content needs significant overhaul.
  • Drishtikone Media Services has forayed into the challenging space of concept development for TV spots with the vision of creating good content. Delivering entertainment, which also makes sense is extremely demanding, but immensely rewarding. Rather than getting into the rat race, Drishtikone Media believes in taking the road never travelled.
  • Delivering entertainment which also makes sense – we, at Drishtikone Media, like to call it Sensertainment®™©. …and soon, the world will come to make sense of it.


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